A tender fee is paid once you decide to progress with Hall & Hart Homes to build your home. We will give you a full and detailed costing within 4 – 6 weeks. Our cost includes everything as well as site costs, so you don’t get any nasty surprise costs down the track.

The time and money spent here are well worth it to avoid the things that can delay construction or exceed your budget. This is probably your biggest investment, so it’s worth getting right.

Included in your tender fee are the following 5 pieces of the house building puzzle:

Where We Build


Contour Survey

A contour or detailed survey is done by a surveyor and required before you can start on the design of your buildings. Once our draftsperson has a contour survey then they can begin work on the plans and the survey will indicate how much site works may be required.

The contour survey will give us accurate levels, check boundary lines and determine the cut and fill of your land. It will help us to accurately determine the site costs and cost to run services.

149 certificate

10.7 Certificate

(Planning Certificates, also known as zoning certificates).

A 10.7 Certificate will give us the information around zoning and applicable rules for development on your block. It determines any authority restrictions (ie bushfire, flood, easements, heritage or other restrictions).

soil test

Soil Test

A soil test is necessary to understand how reactive the soil is on your block. Soils vary in type, composition and strength. The differences can be significant. Some soils are very strong and can support significant weight, while other soils are weak and compress under light loads. It is necessary to understand your site’s soil so we can accurately design the foundations for your home.

site and floor plan

Site & Floor Plan

The site and floor plan show the building footprint on your block drawn by our draftsperson to confirm service locations, easements, authority setback requirements and cut/fill requirements.

compliance check

Compliance Check

A compliance check is required to ensure the dwelling complies with estate guidelines, Council or CDC (Complying Development) controls such as FSR (Floor Space Ratio). This is provided by our Independent Compliance Officer.