One of the most rewarding experiences in building your home is knowing that you have made the right colour and product choices in making it yours.

At Studio You, that is exactly the service we provide. Our state of the art showroom showcases quality products from our premium suppliers, where you can touch and see everything in one location.

Get up close and personal and be inspired by our extensive range of fixtures, fittings and more to personalise your home.



Professional Advice

Whether you choose to be traditional or you want to follow current trends, our professional colour consultants will provide you with expert knowledge to help you create your dream home, with your own personal touches.


Prepare for Your Meeting

It will take some time to perfect the inside of your home, so be prepared and do some research online. Visit the Hall and Hart Homes Pinterest page as well as other inspirational home sites and bring photos, colour combinations and pieces you would like to reference your ideas. 

If it's all a little overwhelming, our colour consultants will provide you with our selections checklists, prior to your meeting. 

Click here and hear from our clients about their tips and tricks on preparing for your pre-construction journey.


Let's create a you home.

Building a house can come with conditions, creating it into a home comes with personal choice. 

Home customisation has never been so easy - let's create your home together at Studio You.