The 7 step process to knock down rebuild your home.


Budgeting for the Knockdown

Budget planning to knock down an existing home and rebuilding your new dream home is the first important step in the KDR process. At Hall & Hart we assist clients with budget and timing guides to knock down your existing home. Our preferred contractors can provide you with detailed quotes on the demolition and site clearing work, so you can adequately set your new home building budget.



Design your home

Our consultants will assist you in finding your ideal plans from our range of home designs. Whether you're looking for a single or double storey home, our goal is to create a 'you home' that is; customise our plans, personalise with significant design changes or start with a blank sheet of paper and create your own. We will work with you to find the best design approach for you.  Once you are happy that we have captured your requirements, we will prepare your tender estimate. There is no obligation to proceed any further if you are not completely satisfied.



Prepare and Present the “Hall & Hart Genuine Price”

Once you decide to progress and upon payment of the tender fee, we will prepare a full and detailed tender. To prepare this tender and ensure we can provide a true cost we undertake the most extensive examination of your block possible. We will complete:

  • A Site inspection of your block
  • A Soil Test – crucial to ensuring the correct slab design
  • A Contour Site Survey – to accurately site your home and confirm site costs
  • A Pre-Site Assessment by our Hydraulic Engineer
  • A compliance check to confirm we comply with all relevant council regulations

Once this is completed we will present your tender to you and answer all your questions. At this presentation you will receive:

  • A set of Architectural drawings which include the Site Plan, Floorplan and Façade drawings.
  • The Hall and Hart Genuine Price
  • A detailed list of Inclusions



Pre Construction

While we are completing all the documentation to lodge with the relevant authority (local council or CDC) you will be working with our dedicated internal staff who will walk you through every step of the external selection process to ensure that your dream becomes a reality.

Once plans are finalised to your liking, we will lodge your plans to the relevant authority, during this process we are undertaking all the administrative work to ensure approvals will be met. Running concurrent to this process will be yourself as the owner undertaking selections for your new home. This will include: kitchen, tiling, carpet, bathroom and kitchen accessories, staircase design and electrical Layout. Once selections are confirmed we will be able to issue your building contract.




We will notify you once we have Council or CDC approval and you will be able to have confidence in the knockdown rebuild process of your existing home. If you need help finding a good demolition company, don’t worry – we can put you in touch with several experienced demolition contractors. It is expected that yourself or the demolition company will be able to obtain demolition approvals externally – usually by CDC, and will generally take your 2 – 3 weeks to get approval.



While this is the most exciting phase, it can be equally frustrating if the communication between the builder and customer is not adequate.

At Hall & Hart Homes your Construction Supervisor will provide you with weekly progress updates to make sure that you know what is going on every step of the way.

You will also have regular site inspections at each critical point in the construction process.

We will even inform your neighbours that we are building on their street. Find out more about our Neighbourhood Pledge.

We are proud to limit our building to just 100 homes per year with our construction supervisors managing a maximum of 10 builds at any time, ensuring that we can focus on each customer personally and are 100% dedicated to the build of your home.




Prior to completion, we will have an independent inspection to ensure that we identify any final touches required.

Once we are happy, your construction supervisor will walk you through your brand new home and talk you through everything you need to know about your home and identify anything that might need addressing.

The next step is a final inspection to ensure any concerns have been addressed and you’re then ready to move in.

Once you have moved in, we provide a 13-week warranty and maintenance period so if you identify any issues that require to be addressed we can attend to them quickly.