The Great Australian Dream of owning a home is alive and well.  With the high price of real estate - particularly in Sydney - it is more important than ever that careful thought goes into whether a home will suit a family’s lifestyle for the long haul.

It’s little wonder then that the design flexibility of a custom home is becoming more and more appealing to Australians. The design and ambience of our homes can enhance our lives and that of our families on incredibly fundamental levels.

At Hall & Hart Homes we strive to build the home you want.


Building a you home.

Everyone’s lifestyle is different; the luxury of a custom-built home is that it can cater to that diversity.

Customisation is all about designing your dream life. Play the drums? Perhaps you should think about a separate, soundproofed music room; where you can indulge in your passion for percussion without causing family strife! Or maybe your beliefs make a meditative prayer room more desirable.

The superb weather enjoyed by Sydney for most of the year means that many residents dream of a property that will allow them to enjoy the gorgeous light and warmth, while still having plenty of space and all the tools to cater for busy family life. A feature such as an outdoor kitchen could in fact be a life-changing addition.

It’s also important to look ahead to changes along the road. For example, you might like to build in a separate living area for your kids when they’re teenagers and (everyone) needs their space! Or perhaps you’re contemplating an area for your parents down the track, as they become less independent.

Customising a home doesn’t mean just adding an extra room or a tweak here and there. True customisation means taking a 360 degree look at your family’s lifestyle and designing the ideal environment in which you can flourish and grow. The beauty of this approach is that you can consider all the possibilities, then choose the best for you.

That’s where we come in. Our team will work with you to ask the big questions about what you really want out of a home.


Affordable luxury homes

If you source the right professionals, a luxury home isn’t out of reach. Hall & Hart Homes have forged a strong reputation in Sydney thanks to their deep industry expertise.  

We are completely dedicated to helping our clients achieve their dream homes, and every single member of our team plays a part. From our hands-on owners to our sales consultants and design experts, we care deeply about helping you customise your perfect home.

It’s the little things that come together to make a big difference when it comes to planning and building a home. Our knowledge of council requirements and application of technology allows us to optimise every block of land we work with, within budget.


An open, streamlined process

One of the greatest concerns of home builders are spiraling costs. That’s why Hall & Hart’s comprehensive process remains entirely open. After our design team has worked with you to customise your dream home, we will carry out a detailed analysis of the land and project to present our ‘Genuine Price’.

This means that we have considered all possible scenarios and inclusions and there won’t be any hidden surprises down the track. It is our mission to deliver affordable custom homes for every client – within budget and on time.

Your dream home could be closer than you think. Unlike other building companies, we unravel rather than hide the complexities of the process. We’ll help you plan the path to achieving your goals you thought were impossible. Our client Antonella says:

‘The “Elyse” was always our dream home but before consulting with Hall and Hart, we always thought that it was beyond our reach. Once we spoke to the team, not only was it within our budget, we were able to modify our design to cater to the needs of our family.’

At Hall & Hart, we still believe in the Great Australian Dream. An affordable custom home should be possible for every family. The definition of true luxury is designing a home that perfectly fits your life…and we’re here to make that happen!