We understand when it comes time to knockdown and rebuild there are a lot of questions about how much it is going to cost. Generally, the final price will be heavily dependent on your site conditions and council requirements. 

The best way to get a realistic assessment on how much your knockdown and rebuild will cost is, when the time is right, come and speak to our highly experienced Sales and Design Consultants who will provide you with a tender estimate. 

Using the latest technology, our experienced staff will work with you to create and customise our home designs to create a home that is right for you. We will undertake an extensive analysis to give you an accurate assessment of the real cost of building your home. 

Take comfort in knowing that through our experience and knowledge, the final tender price is generally very close to the original estimate.


Where We Build

What is the average cost/sqm for a knockdown rebuild?


Cost will be dependant on your site conditions, materials used in your build and internal fixtures and fittings. Generally, on a standard level block the average cost/sqm can start from  $1,600 - $1,800.

What are site costs?


Site costs are the costs required to build your home on your specific block of land. These costs can be significant and beware, as not all builder’s estimates and tenders include your site costs.

Site costs include:

  • levelling out your land if it’s a sloping block
  • changing the location of services and connections for gas, water, sewer, stormwater, NBN and electrical
  • traffic management, additional parking/zoning requirements (if applicable)
  • concrete slab designed for your site

Do you include site costs in your tender estimate and final tender quote?



What does the tender request fee cover?


Once you decide to proceed and pay your tender request fee we will give you a full and detailed tender within 4 - 6 weeks. Our costs include everything, including site costs. An accurate tender is essential, so you don’t get any nasty surprises down the track.  Building a home is a significant investment, so it’s worth getting right.

Included in your tender request fee are the following 5 pieces of the house building puzzle:

A Contour Survey The contour survey will give us accurate levels, check boundary lines and dimensions and help us to determine the setbacks required for your new home on your land. It will also help us to accurately determine the cut and fill required for your house platform, additional site costs and cost to run services to your home.

A 149 Certificate (Planning Certificates, also known as zoning certificates). A Section 149 Planning Certificate will give us the information around zoning and applicable rules for development on your block. It tells us the restrictions that have been placed on your block by your local council (i.e. brushfire, flood, easements, heritage or other restrictions).

Soil Test A soil test is necessary to understand how reactive the soil is on your block. This will allow us to ensure we design the appropriate foundations for your home. 

Site & Floor Plan The site and floor plan shows the building footprint on your block drawn by our draftsperson to confirm Service Locations, Easements, Authority Setback Requirements and Cut/Fill Requirements.

Site Inspection Every site is inspected to ensure that we are familiar with any site or access issues. We strongly believe that this work upfront saves major problems and very nasty surprises after you have signed a building contract. 

- Compliance Check A compliance check is required to ensure the dwelling complies with your chosen authority building controls (Complying Development) such as FSR (Floor Space Ratio) and building heights etc.

Can I change the existing plans?


Absolutely! In fact, no two houses we have built are the same. We utilise our plans as the starting point and then we work with you to customise the plan to suit your family, your lifestyle and your budget.

Do I need to organise the demolition of my existing property?

Yes. This is organised by the owner. To make this process simple, we can put you in contact with a preferred, highly respected and trusted demolition company who will take care of every aspect of this process.

How much does demolition cost?

Demolition costs vary with the size of the house, access to the site, hazardous/asbestos removal, neighbouring structures, established trees and temporary fencing – all of which can contribute to additional demolition costs. As a rough guide, a standard demolition can cost you around $20,000 - $25,000.

Does your tender price include tree removal?

No. If you have established trees on your property which need to be removed, you may need to apply for a permit from your local council depending on the height and proximity of the tree/s to your new property. We will advise you if this is required and must be completed before we can access your site to begin construction.

Are their additional costs if we are building our home in a flood, bushfire zone or on a heritage listed site?

Yes. This would be dependent on your council and the requirements of your 149 certificate. If you proceed to request a tender, we can provide fixed costs for any applicable items after we complete our site inspection of your block.

When do I sign the building contract?


At Hall & Hart Homes we want to ensure we are giving you the true cost of building your dream home, which is why you will sign your contract:

  • after you have signed off on your internal and external selections
  • after your plans have been approved by the authority (Council or CDC)
  • after we issue your Home Owners Warranty and Construction Certificate.


What payments are required once construction starts?


Once we commence construction (after the contract signing), there are 6 progress payments as per the standard HIA. You only pay after each construction stage is complete and after you have had a chance to review the works on site with your supervisor.

Do you provide driveways?

Yes. This is an option.

Do you provide landscaping?


No. Your landscaping is best left to the landscaping experts.

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